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about us 


hey, hi, welcome!


we’re SQUISHO, a manchester based couple passionate about producing premium products that are as sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical as possible. our aim is to become a one-stop-shop for all your eco-friendly apparel and accessory needs for you and your pup! want to get to know us more? see our meet the team page!

we’re major dog enthusiasts here and have recently become dog parents ourselves, hence why most of our current products are dog related (with something for you cat lovers out there too!). Bryony’s family dog - Albert - has been a huge inspiration, he was rescued over 10 years ago, which is why supporting charities and rescue centres is so important to us. our albert collection (yep you guessed it, named after the one and only!) we have worked with a variety of charities since launch, for more information about what we have achieved together visit our charity page. 

when in the early stages of SQUISHO, we knew no matter what we created, we wanted to do it in an eco-friendly way with as little impact on the planet as possible all while donating to local charities. with everything we create or source, we keep people and the environment at the forefront of our minds. we heavily research our suppliers and choose them based on their ethics.


all apparel and accessories are designed by us in-house on a made to order basis to reduce waste.


our high-quality apparel and accessories are vegan approved by PETA and ethical approved by the Fair Ware Foundation. our bandanas and scrunchies are handmade in the UK by a fellow small business owner from 100% organic cotton fabric. 


we’re also eco-conscious about our packaging and minimising waste. we’re using recycled materials, staying away from plastic and making better choices for the environment. we’re not perfect and there are still many areas of improvement that we will work on for the future. we believe it’s important that we all do our part to help our planet and we’ve definitely made some steps in the right direction! see our sustainability page for more details!

so that's us and what we're currently all about! read on below to find out more about how we started and how much we have grown. thank you for being here, we couldn't do it without you!


the history of SQUISHO

the idea of SQUISHO was born during the dreaded lockdown, after we had both been made redundant and before (thankfully) finding new roles. at this point we had a lot more spare time and wanted to put it to good use, have something fun to do, and a goal to work towards.


despite having zero experience in business, marketing or design - we took the leap! soon enough, what were once hand-drawn doodles on a tablet eventually turned into embroidered designs. and with that, SQUISHO launched on 21st December 2020 with two collections (albert and mushu) made up of hoodies, t-shirts, greeting cards, and stickers.

in April 2021, it was time for something new. we invested in new machinery and blank stock to be able to print our own designs on a made to order basis. we launched a set of designs available on new t-shirts, sweatshirts and tote bags.


on one day in June 2021, Bryony decided to draw an outline of Albert to print on a t-shirt just for herself in a spur of the moment kind of thing. the results were adorable and after sharing to social media, the feedback was incredible! from then on we knew we were on to something special and after a lot of testing of materials, printing practices, and designing we launched the k9 outline collection with a number of dog breeds (which is still growing now!) that can be personalised AND the option for custom outlines.

since this real brainwave moment, our personalised dog breed t-shirts and custom tote bags are up there in our best sellers. I absolutely adore creating every order and love it even more when I receive photos of the pup and pawrent with the final product!

since then we have really focused on the dog lovers community as it is such a passion of mine, and everything to do with dogs is just, fun! we've had limited edition collections such as a dog themed halloween collection and a christmas collection - including personalised wooden baubles!

in January 2022, we ventured more into the dog accessory world and began creating personalised pouches to match our tote bags, that are perfect for storing your dogs essentials like treats, poop bags, chews etc. i've always loved the idea of subtle matching items for both pups and pawrents, and so we also began to stock a range of bandanas that can mix and match with our human apparel. we have most recently added new bandana designs AND matching scrunchies! who doesn't get excited by a scrunchie?! 

so now you're all caught up, but that isn't all. we've always got something new in the works! thank you on joining us on our journey so far! watch this space, we're only just getting started...


follow us on instagram and facebook @shopsquisho to join the gang!

see you again soon, Bryony x

SQUISHO is registered  under SQUISHO LTD company number 13008882. all designs and images are covered by copyright and are owned by us.

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