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ORGANIC COTTON - what is it and why should I care?

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

DID YOU KNOW organic cotton uses 91% less water than regular cotton AND it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions? 🤯

so what is the difference between organic cotton and traditional cotton?

organic cotton is produced using 100%natural seeds where as regular cotton uses genetically modified seeds. no pesticides or harmful chemicals are used growing organic cotton, creating a safer working environment for farmers. not only does regular cotton uses these harsh chemicals that are dangerous to workers, they can also irritate the skin when the cotton is made into clothing.

when growing organic cotton, crops are rotated so the soil is able to retain its natural nutrients. this creates a higher quality cotton and allows farmers to grow more than one crop to supplement their income. in comparison, regular cotton is grown in the same soil repeatedly, degrading the quality and leaving it unsuitable to grow other crops. this causes soil degradation, water pollution and contributes to flooding as the land cannot hold any moisture. the poor soil quality also leaves farmers without the ability to grow other crops, creating food and income instability. furthermore, more irrigation and energy is required which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

according to WWF, it takes around 2700 litres of water to produce a single t-shirt from regular cotton – while from organic cotton its only takes around 243 in comparison 💧 so why is it only 1-2% of global cotton production?

yes, it may come at a slightly higher price and we’re not saying it’s perfect. but if it creates a safer environment for farmers, reduces water usage and reduces greenhouse gas emissions – all while producing a higher quality crop – surely it’s worth it, right? 🤔

next time you're looking to purchase a new clothing item, consider choosing organic cotton over regular cotton - for both the people and the environment.

at SQUISHO we are proud to work with clothing suppliers that are approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard 🤍 not only is our clothing range made from organic cotton, but it is also vegan approved, ethically certified by the fair ware foundation and our collections donate to various charities!